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Archidictus is latin for "well spoken." Nicholas Friedenberg, a web designer and evolutionary ecologist, built to put a human face on a scientist. His more universal goal is to integrate the sciences with the arts and humanities to a greater extent than is now common. The ingredients of whatever product comes forth will necessarily be: theory, words, images, and design.

The theory, of course, will be the science. To what extent are people influenced by scientific knowledge? If you remove technology from the equation, is there anything left of science's impact on the way we think?

The words must be those of scientists, artists, and writers speaking to each other in plain language meant to unify knowledge rather than partition it into specialties. Ego and economics cause us to cling to our special knowledge and skills and guard them as a source of power. Scientists do this even when they speak to each other, loading their verbage with acronyms and subculture as if purposefully avoiding communication. Ironically, one of the only book markets that still makes money can be broadly defined as "helper" literature, books that give people practical knowledge and skill in a wide range of areas, including statistics, economics, construction, mechanics, and psychology.

The images and design are the elements that will appeal to the human desire for aesthetic satisfaction. The web, though a bottomless trough of information, is not a place where people pause long to read. Their eyes must be caught and guided to key information quickly. That information must be compact and effectively wrought. There can be no communication without design. No one will listen, no one will read. Like this page for instance. You are the only one to have read this far. Congratulations.

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