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A freelance web designer with a Ph.D. in ecology?

Sounds strange, but both design and science are creative endeavors employing high-end technological tools.

Nicholas Friedenberg is a freelance web designer, content provider, and evolutionary ecologist

Nicholas A. Friedenberg
I built my first web page in 1995 for a political science course in college and have since taught myself image manipulation, Flash, and JavaScript interactive elements. If you take a look around archidictus.org, you'll see I'm pursuing the goal of integrating science and art for effective communication. Technical writing and editing are not the only skills that carry over from science to design. Ecologists routinely distill complex, dynamic problems in search of an elegant solution that will grab, hold, and impact their audience. Through the trial of communicating technical concepts, I've learned to keep technology in the background and give basic elements the limelight.

My approach to site design is to become, in spirit, a partner with the business, artist, or organization for which I'm designing. I get a feeling for the perspective and philosophy of the client, then bring that set of values to the design. My goal is to make sure the finished product - logo, ornament, content, and rhythm - is an extension of my client's identity.

My portfolio is growing. The sites I build for small businesses and artisans not only attract the attention of potential clients, they also help maintain a positive business-client relationship after the point of sale. The result is a good feeling and effective word-of-mouth advertising.

Contact me to discuss your next web project.
Hanover, New Hampshire

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