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The Rolling
"It is hard for me to pinpoint the moment when we decided to do this, just as I can't remember which of us had the idea first. Certainly, a voyage of such magnitude, born of total freedom, had been on my mind since adolescence. Wanderlust. The urge was - is - overpowering."

So begins this work with no end. It's a funny thing to retell a story. There is no mystery in the history, yet there are questions that no one ever asked sitting in the way of a simple regurgitation. Then there is the problem of aging and forgetting. My bare attempts at truth are little better than fiction. Thus, The Rolling, a story about a bike trip I took with a friend during our summer after college, is becoming ever more an investigation of identity and the struggle for perspective as turbidity replaces the clarity of youth. Though you cannot read The Rolling online, I do provide audio excerpts from some chapters. I will add more excerpts, so check back! You can also browse through pictures from our trip by clicking on the arrows in the Flash slideshow below.
The Chapters:

 1. Prologue
 2. Getting Started
 3. To Leave the City
 4. 6/17/96
 5. Cherries and Blackbirds
 6. Shallow Graves and
     Little Shade
 7. El Mirage
 8. Solar Two
 9. Needles
10. Fear and Rolling in      Kingman
11. We Met a Cowboy and
     His Wife

12. Karen
13. Pink Dog Lady WinMedia mp3
14. Upheaval
15. Tuba City
16. Beautiful Like 99
17. Coffee Jockey Jerk
18. Drink and Rifle WinMedia mp3
19. Independence Day
20. Beyond the Thumb
WinMedia mp3